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2011 Needs / Opportunities

2010 Letter to Donors

In recent months we have learned of the rescuing of the Chilean miners after being trapped for months,
the rescue of a powerless cruise liner with 3,000 plus people on board, and the rescue of three
teenagers from New Zealand lost at sea for 50 days. We respond to these stories with many emotions
including thoughts about “How would I react if I were them.”, or “I am glad that is not me.”

We hear these stories as they are dramatic and good news. And yet, there are untold stories of millions
of people that need rescuing from their everyday life. They are trapped or powerless or lost, but they are
not in the headlines. They are “me.” SEED works through Nar Sarah Clinic in Kabala, Sierra Leone, to
rescue the people from the problems inherent in living in perhaps the poorest area of the world. This
rescue effort, and many like it, will never make headlines around the world but the people are no less
in need of rescuing.

By donating to SEED you are helping an important rescue mission where the headline will be within your
heart and soul, within your inner self. You will know that you helped a child live, a mother survive, a child
go to school, or a parent learn to read and write and enable their family to live a safer and healthier life.

Please read the enclosed information and send your rescue donation today. The people of Kabala, Sierra
Leone, need you to rescue them. You will probably never meet face to face (unless you go on a work
team) but a child or mother will live and a parent will see their child grow, because of you.

Make a donation in their name as your gift to them. Fill out the enclosed card and send it with your
donation. Your friend or family member will receive an acknowledgement of the gift along with a box of

The minors of Kabala feel your touch and thank you.
(Click here for a PDF version of the 2010 Donor Letter)


2010 Annual Report

It Takes a Village...

to create and sustain physical and emotional health. Nar Sarah, a clinic located near the town of Kabala
in Sierra Leone, Africa has many needs. In Kabala and throughout neighboring villages, many programs
are needed. In addition to ongoing medical services, the following programs are offered through the
Nar Sarah clinic:

• Women Against Poverty Program
• Canning Program to reduce hunger during rainy seasons
• Feeding Program for malnourished children
• Pre and post natal care
• Adult Literacy Program
• HIV/Aids Education Seminars and Treatment
• Creative Arts Initiative to increase self image and esteem in young girls
• Care and support to the Amputee/War Wounded Camp
• Agriculture Programs

Dear Friends.

I wish I could find a better word than friends to express my love and appreciation for the support you
have given me, SEED, and our Nar Sarah Clinic. A major milestone was reached this year with the
opening of the Christensen Medical Building. Nar Sarah started five years ago in a small two room
temporary facility with two part time people. Within two years Nar Sarah moved into a borrowed but
larger three room building offered by the Women Against Poverty, a key partner of the Clinic. The
new building has eight rooms for use by five full time staff to see 40 to 50 patients a day. Significantly
and appropriately a baby was born during the grand opening ceremonies. Two programs stand out
as being successful. The feeding program for children with malnutrition was able to save many children
and provided education for the mothers. The care for expectant mothers including pre-natal care,
birthing, and post natal care is the original basis for Nar Sarah and continues to grow and gain in

As part of the SEED community development initiative, in partnership with the Women Against Poverty,
we continue to expand the introduction of canning so the people have food during the hungry season.
This year, also as part of the community development program, we started the Creative Arts Initiative,
a two week program, to improve the self image and self esteem of young girls. This is important as the
culture is only now recognizing the reasons for girls to be educated. For older women we have an adult
literacy program where 20 women are learning to read and write.

With success comes new challenges. Our patient load continues to grow and the demand for medicines
and staff is growing. We continue to need your support to help perhaps the poorest people in the world.

I thank God for you.
(Click here for a PDF version of the 2010 Annual Report)


Why Give?

• Many international agencies rank Sierra Leone as the poorest nation in the world.
• One in eight mothers die during child birth.
• 25% of all children born will die before their 5th birthday.
• Malnutrition is the leading cause of death for children.
• The literacy rate near Nar Sarah Clinic is less than 21%.
• Every 30 seconds, a child dies of Malaria in Africa.
• 80% of the population lives well below the poverty line.
• 57% of the population make less than $1.00 per day.
• There are three doctors per 100,000 people.
• 60% of the population has no access to medical care.