NarSarah Clinic Visit, Jan/Feb, 2007

Administration and Management.

General Comments:

We were at the clinic every day for four days. The two medical staff members, Peacemaker and Finah, continue to work hard and serve the people. Merah Sesay is a hard worker too. She is helping significantly even though she gets very little recognition for being there and being a vital part of the team. We observed and listened to the following, and advise we take necessary action.


  • The construction of the new clinic is in progress but speed could be improved. The quality of construction is good and an Engineer checks the work regularly. Cooperation between the Engineer and Contractor could be improved.
  • Clinic services are currently provided at the Women’s Center which was completed recently by SEED as part of the evolving clinic complex.
  • Ten students from Colorado College in the US white washed the Women’s Center building. We had purchased the paint to do the final painting but time did not allow us to do so.
  • An HIV/Aids workshop was conducted by a specialist from the Kabala hospital. It was attended by approximately 20 people, both men and women. Workshops of this type are held regularly.
  • Two sets of twins were born and one set of triplets. Finah delivered one set of twins and had the second mother of twins as a patient but because of difficulties these twins were delivered at the hospital. Our Colorado College students paid a total of around Le 350,000, or $100, including drugs and care before the C section, for the delivery of the second set of twins. As a result the parents asked the students for suggested names. The twins are now named Julia, after a female student at CC who was killed in Belize, and the other is named Paul.

New Funding Requests:  Finah and Peacemaker made a strong case for the following needs.

  • Salary for an assistant nurse. Patient population continues to grow and the present two person staff is barely coping. An appointment must be made as soon as money is available.
  • Funds for local advisory board meeting. Each day could cost us between $47 and $70 for food, transportation, and other logistical support to the local board.
  • Funds for a water pump. There is immediate need for a water pump for an existing well. It cost about $1000. Presently water for construction is being hauled by hand or carried quite a distance form the creek. (Upon returning to the U.S Simpson United Methodist Church in Arvada, CO fully funded this request. Simpson is served by the Rev. Paul Murphy-Geiss, a regular visitor and supporter of NarSarah Clinic.)
  • Funds for an 8 to 10 foot high security fence around the clinic property. This is necessary to keep other people from encroaching on the property as well as make it difficult for thieves to steal medical supplies and equipment. The fence could cost between 20 and 30 thousand dollars. Funds are needed for this increasingly necessary project.

Staff:  Finah and Peacemaker made a strong case for the following needs.

  • We met our new Country Rep., Rev. Musa Jambawai and were favorably impressed with him. He is an older and experienced person who appears to be very professional. Our current salary will cause him to only work part time. He is working hard on getting the NGO renewal done. That should be done by end of March 2007. Sarah James will continue working for a short time. Full time salary support for Rev. Jambawai is urgently needed.
  • Peacemaker Kargbo attended a quarterly meeting in Kabala to report on the activities of the clinic, e.g., patients seen, treatments performed, etc. This meeting was attended by people from Freetown in addition to the District Medical Officer and other District personnel. As part of the meeting a discussion was held related to nutrition in the Koinadugu District. One of the attendees was a representative of WHO (World Health Organization). He was so impressed by Peacemaker that he asked Peace to serve on the national WHO committee dealing with nutrition for the whole country. This is a great honor for Peacemaker.

Lastly:  The trip was very good. We did find a good place to stay in Kabala so we can schedule work Teams there. Topher, the President of one of our development partners, Foundation for West Africa, was in Kabala just before we were. He may have made similar observations. We request that our board acts on the new requests for funds.

Respectfully submitted,
Hope and Les Law (Members, SEED Board of Directors)
February 24, 2007