Excitement builds as Les and I get ready for our fifth trip to Sierra Leone since 2001. We are taking two work teams this year so need to pack and repack a few more times to get everything in that needs to go for the five weeks.

This year the teams are filled with our younger generation along with our older members. We look forward to their energy and insight. To share their Love, Care, and Hope for Sierra Leone - we share their thoughts from the Team Journal

The 2008 Teams will be based in Kabala, home of NarSarah Clinic so this brings added excitement for us since we will get to be a part of the actual work of the Clinic. We were excited to see that the NarSarah Clinic building is close to being finished. It will finally be a Dream Come True when Peacemaker and Theresa see the first patients in the new building.

The leveling of the floors, laying the tiles, and painting each room will put the final touches on this beautiful building. The front entrance will be finished, the generator started, equipment moved - Soon it will be "Business as Usual"!

The SEED Staff in Sierra Leone will have a lot to celebrate in this year 2008. They all have waited and worked so hard to make this happen. Enjoy the pictures of the staff and buildings on sightthis past summer.

Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado has been a part of the SEED programs the last two years. The students there have raised money to help the with the health costs of the Amputees and their families - scholarship money for Amputee children to go to school - startup micro-loans for the Amputee households to establish a means to support and feed their families - money to help WAP(Women Against Poverty) provide work programs and education for HIV/AIDS. The teams were amazed when we meet with WAP members, Amputee households and the scholarship students to hear about their past year of successes.

The past year Heritage High School also raised money to start a secondary school in a village outside of Kabala so that the remote village children would have the possibility of going to school. The pictures show how the Sierra Leone workers and the teams worked together to build this school.

Both teams were touched by the needs of the Blind School students. They gave freely of their time and money to build a new safe toilet, repaired the leaking roof, cleaned and painted the students’rooms, hung nets over the few beds, and shared gifts of food - clothes and a radio. We left with tearsfor so much more needed to be done, but with promises not to forget them!

The best part of our close relationship with NarSarah Clinic was working with Peacemaker, Theresa, and the WAP Women. They welcomed us with singing and dancing, an evening of story telling around the fire, shared their handmade crafts, tailored our new African clothes, washed our dirty clothes, exchanged our US money, provided expert tour guides for our many trips and activities -and above all they cooked for us!!!! And did we get the best Salone food ever!! What an amazing group of women! We all want to thank the SEED staff for taking such good care of us while we were there.

Our feelings and love for the time we got to spend in Kabala is best expressed through our many pictures of the land and especially the people. We will never be the same because we were there!

- Hope Law

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