Cita International


SEED’s Creative Arts Initiative: Spring 2010

SEED will launch a Pilot Program at a school in Kabala, which will give the CAI staff the chance to introduce themselves and the program ideals to the Kabala community. We will spend time learning the strengths of the program as well as what improvements must be made as it grows in size and scope. Click here to read more.

Amputees and War Wounded Receive Microcredit Loans: September 2008

Twelve men and women of the Amputee and War Wounded Association recently received loans of Le700,000 each, equivalent to more than $230 US dollars per person! They have taken loans in groups of four in order to encourage full, on-time repayment. This is the third loan disbursed to members of the AWWA. Those receiving loans are incredibly enthusiastic about the microloans, which have helped them improve their businesses in weaving, petty trade and agriculture, among other things, while they deliver empowerment and hope.

New Volunteers: July/September 2008

CITA recently welcomed Leah Harrison and Adrienne to its staff team in Kabala. They have left the United States and Canada, respectively, to work for a full year as unpaid volunteers. Leah will serve as Program Coordinator while Adrienne will be working full time as a nurse in the Nar Sarah Clinic. They were greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm from the community and are equally excited to be on site, surrounded by the beauty and warmth of Kabala Town.

CITA International President Visits Sierra Leone: June- July 2008

Dorcas Kamanda, CITA International President, returned to Sierra Leone for a four week visit to both the Freetown and Kabala Offices. While in Sierra Leone, Ms. Kamanda held numerous meetings with staff, program beneficiaries, community leaders, partner organizations and donors. It was a whirlwind trip and gave the organization new direction and energy as Ms. Kamanda returned to the USA for the CITA International Board Meeting held in August.